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He’s either the key to our evolution or our destruction. And they’re coming for him.


For most of his fifteen years, Joshua Fox believed he was being abducted by aliens. Just searching for normalcy in his small Kansas town, he discovers he’s unwittingly been involved in something much bigger and everything he thought he knew is now in question. All Josh really knows is he must find out the truth before it’s too late—not just to save himself and his friends, but the entire world.

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Book One of The Apparition Trilogy

Jade Foster just moved to a new city with her mother and step-dad in the middle of her senior year.  She doesn’t know anyone.  She has a midterm on Monday. And her house is haunted.

Sean Clayton died at eighteen almost seventy years ago.  He believes Jade is the one who can help him finally move on. But his connection to Jade exposes her to dark forces from the afterlife. Despite the danger, Sean promises to protect her.  

But falling in love with her might be the scariest thing he could do …


Book Two of The Apparition Trilogy

After everything Jade has been through, Sean wants to make life as normal as possible for her. But being in love with a ghost is anything but normal.


The threat of Feeders has grown worse. Despite Sean’s efforts to keep Jade safe, he might not be able to help her anymore.  When Ray senses a dark spirit has descended on the house, he will do anything to dispel it. And that could mean eliminating Sean, as well.


Now, as Sean tries to protect Jade from the dead, Jade must save Sean from the living …


Book Three of The Apparition Trilogy


The pressures keep piling on for Jade. She has to meet with a mysterious old woman, she has to keep Sean from going Dark, she has to face a swarm of Feeders, and — on top of all that — she has to get a job.

With Sean’s intentions cast into doubt, Jade digs into his past. and unearths something that could not only endanger their relationship, but Jade’s life. Jade knows, eventually, everything must come to light.

And when it does, Jade might have to die to have a love worth living for …

ebook   •   paperback   •   audiobook

ebook   •   paperback   •   audiobook

ebook   •   paperback   •   audiobook

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