stand up and improv comedy

The Alphabet Improv Game. The audience suggests a letter of the alphabet. The first line of the scene must begin with that letter. The next person's line must begin with the following letter, and back and forth until you get all the way around the alphabet. We got the letter "P" and the location was Alderaan. This was a fun scene with Paul Carganilla at "A Thing in a Place with People #6"

From the final performace of Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular at Disney California Adventure. I played the Genie for 10 years. And the scene where Jafar makes his wishes was always, shall we say, flexible in terms of the jokes that were told. But in the final performance, I did material I had never done before. And no one saw it coming. There was way more than this. But this was just how it started.

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